Mountain Madness 2020

Imago Dei- In His Image

“By the grace of God, I am what I am.”

1 Corinthians 15:10

Tentative Schedule

Friday, February 14th 

3:00-3:25 – Arrive at Risen Christ

3:30 – Leave promptly for Estes Park

5:00-5:30 – Arrive at YMCA

  • Unload bus
  • Group Activity led by Karrah and Jacob
  • Emily checks in group by 6pm

6:30 – Doors open for evening session
7:00 – Evening Session
9:00 – Reconciliation begins
11:30 – Lights out

Saturday, February 15th
7:00 – Breakfast
8:40 – Doors open for morning session
9:00 – Morning Session
11:30 – Lunch

Organized free time until afternoon session
3:40 – Doors open for afternoon session
4:00 – Afternoon Session
5:00 – Dinner
6:40 – Doors open for evening session
7:00 – Evening Session
Sunday, February 16th
7:00 – Breakfast
8:40 – Doors open for morning session
9:00 – Morning Session
12:00 – Bagged lunch to take on the road and bus departure

1:30 – Arrive back at Risen Christ

Packing List

  • Warm clothing that is comfortable for inside
  • Boots or some type of outdoor shoes suitable for walking in winter conditions
  • Outdoor jacket, hat and gloves
  • Pajamas
  • Water bottle marked with name (to avoid dehydration and altitude sickness)
  • Any medications (in original bottle and marked with name and dosage)
  • Personal toiletries (there is a shower in each room)
  • Spending money (there is a general store on the property)
  • Snacks (We’ll have some, but if there is something special you want)
  • Any items you’d like for prayer: Bible, rosary, etc.
  • Journal and pen if you want to take notes or journal during prayer

How can I prepare to get the most out of this weekend?


Friday night there will be reconciliation available. The Sacrament of Confession is a beautiful gift from God. The Lord desires to forgive us and free us from the burden of sin, and all we have to do is approach him with a heart full of repentance. It can be difficult to reflect on what we are doing wrong and our shortcomings, but it is a very important part of receiving God’s forgiveness. I would highly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity for reconciliation on retreat. It can be scary, especially if you haven’t been in a while, so if you are nervous, please come and talk to me. I’d be happy to share more with you about confession played a part in strengthening my relationship with God. If you would like to start working through an examination of conscience, you can find one here.

Praise and Worship

Joining hundreds of other Catholics in music praising God can be a very powerful experience. Some of us love to sing, for others, not so much. However, he who sings prays twice, according to St. Augustine. Whether you love singing or would really rather not, I ask that you remain open to this form of prayer. In a crowd, no one hears you except for God. If it makes you feel more comfortable to know some of the songs in advance, here are some of the ones we will be singing.

What A Friend- Matt Maher

Deep Cries Out- Bethel

Your Love Awakens Me- Phil Wickham

From the Day- I Am They

Ever Be- Bethel

Run to the Father- Matt Maher

Way Maker- Leeland

New Wine- Hillsong Worship


As Catholics, we sincerely believe that the Eucharist that we receive at mass is truly and fully the Body and Blood of Christ. This loving act of Jesus instituted at the Last Supper gives us the opportunity be in intimate union with God. During adoration, the Body of Christ is exposed in a monstrance. We get to spend time in adoration of the True Presence of Jesus Christ. He is physically present with us in this time. For many of you, this might be your first experience of adoration, and it such a large group, it can be intimidating. There will times of prayer, song, and silence. My first time at adoration, I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to do. It takes patience and practice to learn how to hear the Lord’s voice speaking to your heart. Being in God’s presence in this way has the potential to be a very moving experience for you, but he approaches each of us in a unique way. If you are nervous about adoration, bring things with you that make you feel comfortable in prayer. If you like praying with Scripture or the rosary, have it with you. Prayer looks like how you have a relationship with God. There is not a wrong way to pray. We will also be providing journals if that helps you. Check out this beginner’s guide to adoration.

Rules and Expectations

I want this retreat to be a great experience for everyone. That being said, having clear rules and expectations helps us make sure we are on the same page. I will have you and your parents sign a copy of this page and return it to me. If you are unable to follow these rules and expectations, I will call your parents to come and pick you up, regardless of day or time.

  • I will respect the chaperones and volunteer staff for Mountain Madness and follow all instructions.
  • I will not wander off alone. If I need to go somewhere, I will ask a chaperone for permission, always take a buddy, and return promptly.
  • I will not bring or use any illegal substances, vapes, or alcoholic beverages.
  • At lights out, I will stop talking and go to sleep. I will not leave my room unless there is an emergency, at which point, I will go directly to a chaperone room. I understand that it is disrespectful to the chaperones and the other people in my room to continue talking and prevent others from sleeping.
  • I will be respectful of the property of the YMCA and Mountain Madness team. I will not touch or take things that are not mine. If I break something, I am responsible for paying for it.
  • I will keep my room and belongings tidy and understand that I am responsible for cleaning up my own messes.
  • If I am disruptive to a room above or below me, I will be responsible for cleaning that room in addition to my own. (I will be posting your parish and room number on your door so that if you are disruptive to a room above or below you, they can notify me.)
  • I will dress modestly and respectfully.
  • I will only use my cell phone during designated times: breakfast, dinner, and before lights out after the evening session has ended. I will not be on my phone during talks, free times, and especially during prayer.
    • Parents, I have given a tentative schedule. If you want to call your son or daughter, please do so during the designated times listed above

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Director of Youth and Family Ministries