Women of Risen Christ

Women of Risen Christ meeting

Sat. April 10,  9 a.m.
We will be meeting upstairs in the seminar room for the April meeting.


After the meeting, we will be preparing Easter treat bags for downtown shelters.  Please bring bags of individually-wrapped candy to the meeting.



For up-to-date meeting and service project information, please add the Women of Risen Christ group as one of your parish Flocknote options.

2021 Dates for Women of Risen Christ

Meetings: (2nd Sat, every month, parish hall, 9 – 10:30 a.m.)
Meetings:  2nd Sat, every month, 9 – 10:30 a.m.
1/9, 2/13, 3/13, 4/10, 5/8, 6/12, 7/10, 8/14, 9/11, 10/9, 11/13, 12/11
Service Projects:
3/20     church cleaning day (prior to Easter)
8/15     help with Parish Festival
10/9   Halloween treat bags to downtown shelters
10/22   Trunk or Treating
11/27     church cleaning day (prior to Advent)
11/29   Advent by Candlelight
12/5     church cleaning day (prior to Christmas)
12/11   Cookie Project to nursing homes


Cards to nursing homes:   February. Easter, July, Christmas

Women of Risen Christ Programs and Projects


Women of Risen Christ-sponsored events:
 Event:    Advent by Candlelight
Volunteers are needed to host tables at this event, held on the first Mon. in Advent.
Event:    Donut Sunday
(temporarily suspended)
Frequency:  2 – 3 times a year
Volunteers are needed to help out before and after each morning Mass.
Event:   Christmas Cookies for our nursing home parishioners
Volunteers are needed to help package the donated cookies, label them for our 200+ parishioners, and deliver the boxes to the 13 nursing homes in our parish boundaries.
Event:    Church Cleaning Parish-wide service project
Frequency:  2/year  (March and November)
Volunteers are needed to clean the church, choir loft, confessionals, sanctuary and brides’ room
Women of Risen Christ-assistance at parish events:
Event:    Trunk or Treating  (Sponsored by RE;  WoRC assists with their plan)        
Volunteers are needed to set up and clean up snacks and drinks in the parish hall, assisting with 6 crafts and simple tossing games, and clean up after the event.           
Event:    Easter Egg Hunt  (Sponsored by RE;  WoRC assists with their plan)
Volunteers are needed to set up and clean up all activities as requested by RE, and clean up after the event.
Event:    Reception Help
(temporarily suspended)
Frequency:  as needed;  the Women of Risen Christ are asked to run occasional receptions for various parish programs  (example, Confirmation reception, Bereavement Ministry’s Christmas program)
Volunteers are needed to set up, maintain and clean up any receptions that the Women of Risen Christ have been asked to run.  Food and drink would be provided by the event coordinators;  volunteers would set up coffee and/or tea service,  put out the food and maintain the refreshment and drink tables, and clean up after the event.
Service Project:    Cookie Baking  (NOT the Christmas cookie project for nursing homes)
Frequency:  as needed;  the Women of Risen Christ are asked to provide cookies and/or brownies for various parish programs  (example: Alpha 11-week program starting in January, RE kick off dinner)
Volunteers are needed to provide the appropriate number of cookies or brownies, and deliver them when requested to the parish office or parish hall.
Women of Risen Christ-sponsored service projects:
Service Project:    Rowan Nursing Home Visits
(temporarily suspended)
Frequency:  weekly
The activities director at Rowan has provided a list of residents, not all Catholic, who would benefit the most from visits by our volunteers.  Scheduled visits are at the discretion of the volunteers.
Service Project:    Preparing and Serving a Meal at a shelter
(temporarily suspended)
Frequency:  monthly
The Women of Risen Christ will be preparing and serving a meal once a month at the New Genesis men’s shelter downtown.
Service Project:    Walker Bag Program
Volunteers are needed to sew walker bags for nursing home residents, using either the pattern provided or another similar pattern for a walker tote. We have a coordinator who will deliver these to the nursing homes.
Service Project:    Flower Bed Maintenance
Volunteers are needed to help maintain the flower beds between the parish hall and the church. Schedule will vary.
Service Project:   Greeting cards for our nursing home parishioners
Frequency: 3/year,  Easter, Christmas and mid-summer
Volunteers pick up cards and names at the WoRC meeting, or arrange to pick up the packers from the parish office.  Fill out as directed, and label the envelope with parishioner name and room number, and the nursing home name.  It is imperative that cards are returned to the parish office by the deadline. These cards are delivered to the nursing homes by the Eucharistic ministers of Holy Communion.
Service Project:    Greeters, Easter and Christmas Masses
(temporarily suspended)
Volunteers are needed to greet people coming in to Mass, during the 15 minutes prior to the Mass.
Service Project:    Laundering Cassocks / Surplices
Frequency:  monthly (surplices) and every other month (cassocks)
(temporarily suspended)
Volunteers are needed to take 5 – 7 cassocks and/or surplices from the bride’s room in the back of the church on Monday morning. Launder according to label (warm wash;tumble low) Hang immediately – no ironing required.
Service Project:    Laundering Altar Tablecloth
Frequency:  monthly                       
Service Project:    Laundering Offertory Basket Liners
Frequency: 2/year;  just prior to Easter and Christmas
Volunteers are needed to  take the liners from the offertory baskets found in the ushers’ closet in the back of church.  Launder warm/tumble dry and replace the liners in the baskets.  This needs to be done mid-week, before the offertory baskets are used during weekend Masses. 
Service Project:    Miscellaneous one-time church service projects
Frequency:  one-time projects, through out the year
Number of volunteers needed: varies
Volunteers are needed to help the staff with small service projects, which include:
Decorate the church for Christmas:  Dec. 24, 8:30 a.m.   4 volunteers needed to help staff
Undecorate the church from Christmas:  Jan.  4 volunteers needed to help staff
Decorate the church for Easter:   4 volunteers needed , day before Easter
ACA campaign:  6 volunteers needed, one Sat. morning in April/May to stuff ACA envelopes in pews
Women of Risen Christ-sponsored spiritual projects:
Service Project:    Confirmandi Spiritual Adoption
Frequency:  1 month prior to Confirmation
Volunteers ‘adopt’ a Confirmation candidate to pray for him/her during the month prior to his/her Confirmation.  Also, write a card to the Confirmandi encouraging them in their faith.
Service Project:    Lead a Rosary at a nursing home (temporarily suspended)
Frequency:  once a month
Volunteers are needed to work with activities coordinator at one of our nursing homes to lead a monthly Rosary.

Questions About Women of Risen Christ?

Email Denise Crooks at parishinfo@risenchristchurch.org